Hillcrest Triathlon

Hillcrest Triathlon

The Hillcrest Triathlon is the 2nd qualifier for the Multisport World Championships in Almeres, Netherlands in September 2020.

The event features several events.

Triathlon:  1000M Swim, 30 Km Bike, 7 Km Run

Junior Triathlon:  500M Swim, 15Km Bike, 4 Km Run

Duathlon: 10Km Run, 40Km Bike, 5 Km Run

Sprint Duathlon: 5Km Run, 20 Km Bike, 2.5 Km Run


Payment Details:

Mpesa Till Number: 932786

Contact: 0793795975

Email: info@run-africa.com


Event Details

Event Name: Hillcrest Triathlon
Show Event Date: Feb 16, 2020
Individual Registration Rate: 31.50
Show Total Registrator: 2
Show Spots: 198
Start Date: Nov 6, 2019
End Date: Feb 10, 2020
Show Category: Running Events
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